Development Establishment and Support

Successful developers trust StrataLiving experts to provide support through the planning and marketing phases. 

Well prepared documentation is an iterative process.  Legal, QS, Project, Marketing and Management all contribute to creating successful development projects. Early cost modeling through the design process ensures forecast levies meet market expectations.

Planning and Coordination

  • Plan and document the ideal body corporate structure for the project – layered, mixed use, simple or small schemes.
  • Integrated thinking bringing together your architects, quantity surveyors, solicitors and land surveyors.
  • Project supervision to coordinate the development and legal teams to ensure all deadlines and milestones are met.
  • Advice on negotiating Management Rights, caretaking and letting agreements
  • Prepare Facilities Management Strategies and relevant Services Agreements


  • Work with the legal team to prepare compliant documentation, disclosure statements, Building and Community Management Statements relating to the management of the scheme.
  • Calculate lot entitlements and contributions
  • Determine the distribution of costs and voting rights


  • Develop financial forecasts and budgets for the Administration Fund and Sinking Fund
  • Establish a 25 Year Capital Replacement Plan and Sinking Fund Schedule
  • Calculate Lot Entitlement Schedule and Contribution Schedule
  • Support the Scheme Registration process

Management Phase

  • Prepare a Body Corporate Managers Agreement
  • Assist in obtaining Strata insurance as required by relevant legislation
  • Establish books and record of the body corporate
  • Convene and attend the first extraordinary general meeting
  • Establish and maintain the bank account of the body corporate
  • Facilitate record inspection as required
  • Provide initial Management Services

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