Looking for a new body corporate manager?

Our expert team knows and understands the local market, and their role in supporting you to spend only what you need to, and just as much as you should, to build property value.


Changing management may seem daunting, but when you choose StrataLiving, we will be there to guide you every step of the way through the transition.  


A. Appointment 
The appointment of a new Manager is decided at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). We will provide you with all the documentation required for the AGM, ensuring owners have the information needed to make an educated decision and effect a change. 

B. Transition 
Post-AGM, StrataLiving liaises with the outgoing Manager to arrange everything required for a successful handover, which will generally occur 1-2 weeks after the AGM. During this period, the outgoing manager will finalise and issue the AGM minutes, collate the Body Corporate’s records ready for collection, and transfer the Body Corporate  Funds to a bank account we open in the Body Corporate  name.  

C. Moving Forward 
Once the transition is completed, we arrange a meeting with the Committee to enable the members and the new Manager to set a vision for the building, define any outstanding issues and establish a clear communications and approvals process.