Application Form for Pet

Application for Pet

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  1. Complete this application form provided and sign.
  2. If the applicant is a tenant, please ensure that the owner approves and signs the application form.
  3. Attach a photo of your pet to support the application.
  4. Return this form to our office or email

Max. file size: 10 MB.

I/We understand this approval is subject to, but not limited to the conditions listed below:

The applicant acknowledges the following conditions are to be met at all times:

  1. The animal is not permitted on the common property, except for the purpose of being taken in or out of the scheme land;
  2. The animal must be on a lead, carried by hand or adequately restrained while on common property.
  3. The animal must not cause nuisance or interfere unreasonably with any person’s use or enjoyment of another lot or common property.
  4. The animal must be kept in good health and free from fleas and parasites.
  5. Reasonable steps are taken to minimise the transfer of airborne allergens from the animal, such as regular vacuuming and/or grooming.
  6. Any animal waste must be disposed of in accordance with Council regulations and such a way that does not create noxious odours or otherwise contaminate the scheme.
  7. The approval applies exclusively to the animal in this application and does not permit the keeping of any additional replacement or substitute animals on the lot.
  8. The animal must be registered with the local Council and registration will be kept up to date.
  9. That the owners are responsible for all care and maintenance of this animal and shall be held responsible for any damage done on the premises by the animal.
  10. The Body Corporate committee can withdraw approval of the application in the event of repeated written breaches of these conditions or the scheme by-laws. Should the approval be withdrawn, the pet must be removed from the scheme.
The owner of the Lot is aware of this application for the Pet