Working For You

We have recently launched our new initiative – “Working for you. Working for your Community.” This reminds us every day that our work is for YOU – all of our unit owners.

We are committed to our role in administering your Body Corporate and maintaining your accounts. But we also take a more proactive approach –  working with your Committee, to ensure we play our role in maintaining and growing the value of your property, while also minimising the cost of property operations.

We assessed electricity supply options and selected LPE,
Queensland’s electricity provider, to help you save on your bills.

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Who is Honan?

Established in 1964, Honan is one of Australia’s fastest-growing international brokers, delivering holistic risk and insurance solutions, from program placement to claims management, and risk consulting. These services are anchored by Honan’s approach of being a trusted partner with extensive local market knowledge. We go beyond a transactional broker model. We see what it takes for a business to develop. That’s why we are with you all the way.With more than 50 Strata specialists across the Group, our Brisbane-based team has over 35 years of collective experience within the Strata Insurance Industry. We have dedicated broking, claims and service staff in our Brisbane office. Why are we working with Honan? / How will it benefit you, the client?Strata Living’s decision to partner with Honan is driven by a focus on enhancing the service offering to all clients. Honan delivers consistent, efficient service including the speed in which claims are processed and the timing of renewal notices.

StrataLiving relies on partnerships such as this one to effectively manage sites of our clients’ size for a reasonable cost. Rather than us engaging multiple brokers and direct Insurers, working with Honan enables us to maintain consistency and a high level of service across all our sites. Our partnership with Honan opens up access to specialist Strata Insurers that only deal with Insurance Brokers. It is expected that by accessing more Insurers and therefore more competition, Honan can leverage better outcomes for our clients. Honan has an expert claims team, a deeper understanding of policy coverage and we use this knowledge as your advocate in negotiating favorable claims outcomes.

The role of Honan, insurance, and The Body CorporateInsurance forms an integral part of the Body Corporate and their costings and concerns. As a broker, Honan provides a holistic service. We negotiate with insurers on your behalf, we keep a close eye on the insurance market, and we leverage our local knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most relevant solutions. We understand how stressful the claims process can be, so we manage this on your behalf. Honan provides a single point of contact for all your insurance activity.